Composer Gawain’s Late Night Tate Debut

gawain-hewitt-iceCreative Music Technology student Gawain Hewitt will be making his...
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Guest Speaker Toks at Diversity Conference

toks-portrait-featureGraduate Toks Dada will be a guest speaker at the Diversity...
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Peter Reynolds 1958-2016

It is with enormous sadness that we learn of the sudden passing of our very dear friend and colleague, Peter Reynolds.
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Good News for EU Students

eu-flagThe Welsh Government has announced that the current financial support for...
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Local Government in Wales – Services and not Structures

The structure of local government in Wales is once again on the agenda and there is talk about the existing 22 councils and whether they need to be re-organised. This topic goes back a long way, possibly starting shortly after the 22 were put in place in 1996. Questions about whether local authorities were too small to deliver services including education, whether there should be 22 heads of service across Wales and whether the best leaders were in place were all being asked about local authorities in Wales.

The size of public organisations including local authorities is an important issue. However, in relation to size of public organisations and their effectiveness, the jury is still out. Bigger organisations do not necessarily deliver better services no more than smaller ones. No one size fits all. There may be a range of factors supporting and promoting effective services and these will also include leadership, expertise and the demand for the service, for example. Sometimes, government looks more favourably on ‘big is better’ and sometimes ‘small is closer to people and better for democracy’.

At this point in 2016, with all the demands on public organisations including local authorities and finances are really stretched, Ministers will look back and wonder why reorganisation hasn’t happened. For now, a full scale re-organisation is off the agenda. It’s too expensive, too much of a distraction and public want the focus to be on services and not structures.

Instead and building on existing good practice, local authorities will do what they have been doing for some time – building up effective joint working around service delivery. It is reduced budgets, cuts in funding and a desire on behalf of local politicians and officers to keep up services have both been a big driver of this change rather than politicians in Welsh Government.

Welsh government is now keen for this joint working to go much further.
The local government cabinet secretary Mark Drakeford laid out his vision for the future of local government in Wales on Tuesday last and said the current 22 councils would remain in place unless there were cases where authorities wanted to merge voluntarily. In relation to the delivery of services, the Minister is keen on an approach were cities and regions are responsible for services including strategic transport, and economic development, with organisations similar to health boards in Wales delivering other services including education and social services. Local authorities will be strongly encouraged to deliver services jointly and work even more closely with other bodies including health, police and the ambulance service.
Clearly, then the agenda is much more regional for the delivery of key services. Over the next five years, I think that a new pattern of local government will emerge and there will be joint heads of service across two or three councils in some areas of delivery and maybe even a shared Chief Executive or two. A few councils are likely to merge voluntarily.

A big issue for the future is integration with other services and not just local government – police, fire and rescue, ambulance, housing, health and so on. Joint working arrangements to deliver services will become the norm and these will be different across Wales. It is services which interest citizens more than structures.

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You Say You Want a Revolution? (exhibition at the V&A)

You Say You Want a Revolution? Records and Rebels 1966 – 1970

What : Exhibitions

When : 10 September 2016- 26 February 2017

Where :  Victoria and Albert Museum, Cromwell Road, London, SW7 2RL

EXHIBITION: This major exhibition will explore the era-defining significance and impact of the late 1960s, expressed through some of the greatest music and performances of the 20th century alongside fashion, film, design and political activism. The exhibition considers how the finished and unfinished revolutions of the time changed the way we live today and think about the future.–Records-and-Rebels-1966—1970/dt/2016-10-07/free/2

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A Surprise Visit from Sir Anthony Hopkins

anthony-hopkinsSir Anthony Hopkins, multi award-wining actor, composer, and artist made...
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New York Showcase: In PIctures

Photograph by © Dan Callister
The Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama made it’s off Broadway debut today September 26, 2016, performing its first US Showcase in front of an audience which included Matthew Rhys and Kate Burton. They were among the guests at the Showcase, held at New York’s Signature Theatre, which featured recent American and Canadian acting and musical theatre RWCMD graduates. Other guests included casting directors, managers, agents and key friends and influencers of the College. “I was staggered by the quality of the performers,” said Matthew Rhys, International Chair in Drama at the College after seeing the Showcase, “it was way beyond what I expected from a student showcase. They looked like they had been doing this as professionals for years. “ 
The Showcase was opened by Emmy and Tony Award nominee Kate Burton, daughter of the great Welsh actor Richard Burton.
Editors notes
The Showcase took place at the Alice Griffin Jewel Box Theater in the Signature Theatre complex on September 26, 2016
“The Royal Welsh College has always been an outward looking institution,” says Principal Hilary Boulding. “Diversity and cultural exchange is fundamental to the past, current and future success of our students.
Thanks to the huge generosity of our supporters and the ongoing Transform Appeal, this new strand of our drama programme allows us to reach out internationally and celebrate our students’ talents in the heart of America’s theatreland.“
The year the College celebrates five years since opening its world class facilities.
These award-winning new spaces have enabled the College to fully inhabit its role as the National Conservatoire of Wales, with International Chairs including Matthew Rhys, Michael Sheen and Simon Stephens, and a visiting artists programme that has included alumnus Hugo Blick, David S.Goyer and legendary theatre designer Ralph Koltai.
RWCMD was named by The Guardian University Guide as the  The Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama made...
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First Ever New York Showcase

matthew-rhysRWCMD’s first ever US Showcase took place last night at...
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Jazz Bassist Tops Charts with Ward Thomas

linus-fenton-resizeFourth year Jazz musician, Linus Fenton, has topped the UK...
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